My First:

First night slept all the way through: June 7th -11 pm to 6 am- [2 days old] 
Bath: June 15th 2010 [9 days]
Visit to the doctor: June 17th [11 days]
Trip to the Zoo: July 8th 2010 [30 days]
Smile: Middle of July 2010 [one month]
Giggle: Middle of July 2010 [one month]
Trip to the beach: August 8th 2010 [two months, two days]
Rolled over: August 24th 2010 [two months, two weeks, four days] (9:46 am)
Out of state visit: September 2010 [three months] week long trip to Utah.
Babble "talk": November 1st 2010 [almost five months] Says "dada" in her babble.
Solid Food: November 12th 2010 [five months, 6 days] it was PEAS!
Sit unassisted: November [almost 6 months]
Drank from a sippy cup: December 2010 [6 months] Chew on it for a little bit, but then starts drinking.
Crawled: March 3rd 2011 [3 days away from 9 months]
Cruised: March 4th 2011 [2 days away from 9 months] Held on to chest/table in living room and walked about 4 steps.
Waived: March 23rd 2011 [9 months 17 days] Jeremy was holding cam and when she saw me she waived!