Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birth Story

On Friday June 4th I had my last OB appointment. They checked my blood pressure and it was still high like the week before. They also did an ultrasound and checked to see if Cambria was doing okay. She was already a few days late (she was due June 2nd). Dr. Jennifer noticed my amniotic fluid was low so she told me I needed to go to Labor and Delivery to make sure the baby was okay. I checked in to Labor and Delivery around noon. They monitored my blood pressure and had the ultrasound tech check my fluid. After being monitored, my blood pressure was not going down and my fluid was low so Dr. Atiga decided I needed to be induced. They started the first part of the inducement at 7pm. The second part was at done at 7am. I was happy and excited to finally be having my baby girl. Jeremy was there the whole time to make sure I had everything I wanted/needed. on June 5th the contractions started to come, but not to bad. My doctor told me I could get my epidoral anytime I wanted. I decided to wait awhile until around 3pm. My progression was going no where so the Doctor decided to break my water in hopes to get things going. That was done around 5pm. Finally around 1am on June 6th we where told it was time, after many hours. She was born at 1:46 am with only 40 minutes of hard labor. My labor was pain free and I enjoyed every single part of it. Cambria is a perfectly healthy beautiful girl with a full head of hair! Jeremy and I couldn't be more excited.

Thank you everyone who was able to come visit us at the hospital and thank you for all the gifts we have been given through out everything.

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