Saturday, November 6, 2010


My computer for the last month or so wasn't letting me go on to some sites. So I have a few things to update about....
Cambria is doing very well and is FIVE months old today. She rolls over from her back to her tummy almost every single time she is on the floor, and is working her way to crawling. She can extend her arms all the way out and push her body up. Shes now trying to figure out how to get her legs up. I hope she will have it done by Christmas. Cambria is also "talking" a lot more now, she is extremely verbal now. When she is ignored she "yells" at you as if shes trying to say "hey look at me, I want some attention also!". Her latest accomplishment is when she babbles she is now saying "dada" lets hope "mama" is next! I uploaded a video for you to see.
She is growing so fast she is now 16 pounds and 26 inches long. It makes us sad how fast shes growing, it seems like just yesterday we where at the hospital waiting for our precious baby to be born.

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